2 thoughts on “Realization of Team Productivity and Immersive Experiences Through Interactive Displays”

  1. Tangible Space is the concept of connecting the cyber space and real world seamlessly so that people can extend their capability over the limitations of each space. The seamless integration of cyber space and real world requires natural and efficient interfaces to the cyber space. We define Tangible Interface as a surface where people meet the cyber space. In this paper, we present technology for building interactive immersive display as a Tangible Interface. In our vision, as computers are disappearing from our sight in the near future, interactive display will be a main interface with cyber space. This paper presents a method to build a tiled display as an immersive large scale display using off-the-shelf graphics boards, and live avatar based interaction with a large scale display. We expect them to be combined into the interactive immersive display as a natural and efficient interface.

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