business development

Develop business partnerships and alliances to develop complete product solutions, increase market visibility and increase sales channel range and reach

sourcing and supply chain

Source critical components and technologies for cost reduction and/or competitive advantage

Rapidly establish a cost-effective, high quality supply chain and low cost manufacturing infrastructure

Supplier quality management*

Engineering Management consulting

Enhance effectiveness of your advanced development effort and investment

Build and organize your engineering team for maximum speed and effectiveness

Enhance your hardware-software co-development processes

Implement lean/six sigma methodology for design and manufacturing efficiencies*

Business planning and strategy

Assess your competitive landscape, better define your market opportunity and develop product and go-to-market strategy

Create a new business plan

Develop your product and technology roadmap

Utilize ISO 9001 quality management system model to improve overall performance and provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives*


Obtain venture or private funding

Technology and intellectual property development

Invent and develop critical new technologies and capture intellectual property

Develop your intellectual property strategy, analyze the patent landscape and identify invention opportunities

*Through partnership with