David Slobodin

Founder & Managing Director

David Slobodin has over 25 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and commercializing leading-edge display, optoelectronic and computing devices.  Most recently, as General Manager, Hardware at Microsoft, he led the team that developed and manufactured Microsoft Surface Hub, Microsoft’s first group collaboration device which includes integrated computing, high performance videoconferencing features and the most advanced big screen projected-capacitive display supporting multitouch and multi-pen input.  In his role, he helped define the business strategy and hardware/software architecture and led the development of the state-of-the-art automated US-based production facility.  Microsoft Surface Hub is considered the gold standard in group collaboration devices and within its first year of production contributed substantial revenue to Microsoft’s first party device business.  Prior to Microsoft, he was Vice President at Perceptive Pixel, where he built and led the Oregon-based engineering and manufacturing team that developed and produced big screen optical and capacitive multitouch displays and active pens.  Perceptive Pixel was acquired by Microsoft in 2012.  In addition to managing R&D teams, his experience includes managing P&L, developing business plans, managing supply chains, raising venture capital, licensing IP, and managing sales and marketing.   In earlier roles, he successfully commercialized products including MEMS displays, projection displays, wireless video devices and advanced technologies including thin film semiconductors, photovoltaics, printed electronics and optics.  Dr. Slobodin has 36 US Patents and a PhD in electrical engineering from Princeton University and a BS degree in electrical engineering from MIT.